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Exciting Theories and Predictions for Game of Thrones Season 7 that may come true

The sixth season of Game of Thrones ended with several solutions received to the questions which were requested to date. Similarly, additionally, it gave rise to new questions and doubts which are only clarified within the coming episode. Knowing that, here are a few predictions and theories which have been suggested by fans for that seventh season of Game of Thrones.

Expect winter to be more gruesome

Season six ended with Sansa telling Jon about the Winds from the winter. This could only mean one factor a far more vicious winter is coming up next for that warring clan which is grimmer and greyer than in the past. Shooting for that seventh episode began later around too to be able to capture the real essence of winter, with lots of predicting that any sunny respite by means of exotic locations may also be cut lower.

Expect Cersei to be worse than ever before

Getting absorbed on the Iron Throne, Cersei is appropriate on the way to the major confrontation with Dany. And fans predict that any humanity left in her own soul via her father, kids, and Tyrion is going to be extinguished to create a method for a ruler, who simply does what she would like to without having to worry about the effects.

Expect the biggest battle yet

Rumors are afloat that season seven will feature among the greatest battles the series has witnessed to date. This so-known as the fight is stated to become just too large, that it’ll result in the Fight from the Bastards meek compared. Reports suggest that it’ll include names like Euron Greyjoy, Theon, and Yara, and can have ample bloodstream spilled along the way.

Expect Cersei to be killed by Jamie

Maggy the Frog predicted that Cersei will have no children. And that’s exactly what is happening now. With this thought, we have a look back at another area of the prediction which stated Cersei is going to be wiped out by their little brother also known as the Valonqar. Even though many think about this Valonqar becoming Cersei’s little brother, there’s another twin brother they appear to possess forgotten Jamie also known as the Kingslayer who’ll most likely function as someone to perform the deed.

Expect Jon Snow to become AzorAhai or the Warrior of Light

What Jon Snow is one thing that’s been debated for a lot of seasons from the show. Game of Thrones Season 7 may finally provide light on the Snow’s background i.e. he might be revealed as AzorAhai or even the Warrior of sunshine. The twelve signs and indications in the past episodes indicate just like well.

Expect Bran to be Bran the Builder

Thinking about the truth that Bran in the present and Bran in the past are the same because of his capability to influence yesteryear, there’s a powerful opportunity for Bran to become Bran the Builder who elevated the wall in addition to produced Winterfell over 8000 years back. Despite his character and actions stating otherwise, Bran can most probably end up being the Builder who accounts for maintaining your White-colored Walkers from Winterfell.

Expect Greyscale to become a biological weapon

Within the show, greyscale is proven to become a very harmful ailment that can change individuals into Stone Men lacking associated with feelings or ideas. If Jonah were to locate a remedy for it, then greyscale can most likely be utilized as a biological weapon by Daenerys to win Westeros without spilling into the bloodstream. Options will also be rife in order to obtain a spook army who could walk out of control, affiliate with the White-colored Walkers, and destroy all Seven Kingdoms.


Season 7 of Game of Thrones will probably take some time to air on television. As the time increases, so do the number of rumors and predictions about the season which will probably have a great number of twists and turns to keep viewers hooked till the end.